According to some surveys, modern man prefers to buy fruit and vegetables with a supermarket’s own label, which they trust more. For this reason, it has become a trend for supermarkets to entrust suppliers to produce their own brands.

This supermarket branding scheme involves provision of our fresh produce wrapped in plastic, with your label sticker on it. The fruit and vegetables are individually packaged according to serving sizes or weight and delivered right to your door step for merchandising. We do everything, from A to Z, so that consumers can just pick up and bring home your brand of produce.

We hand pick fresh produce from the farm every day, send them to the factory for stringent hygienic processing, and subject them to mechanical or manual selection process. For example, sweet potatoes are mechanically screened, and then mechanically packaged with transparent plastic. The entire process is subject to strict quality control.

The transparent plastic wrap is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and also complies with EU food safety contact specifications. It can be used as a safe wrap for food materials to attain an ideal preservation effect.

*The quality plastic wrap has tiny pores invisible to the naked eye, promoting ventilation to keep farm produce fresh for a longer period.

Our fresh produce, after going through stringent selection, hygienic processing and packaging, is subject to ‘vacuum precooling’ for instant preservation as well as a longer shelf life, and is then delivered to supermarkets on the same day with our own transport.

We have sufficient transportation vehicles to make daily delivery to every part of the country, including two 44-ton refrigerator trucks and a fleet of lorries. For exports, air freight is used to ensure that our farm produce is still fresh when it is put on supermarket shelves.

One-stop fresh produce branding service



Just tell us your needs and we will do the best we can


We will prepare fruit and vegetables with your imprinted trademark

Selection & packaging

After careful manual selection, your farm produce is freshly and elegantly wrapped


We use our own transport to deliver fresh produce right to your supermarket

10 benefits of wrapping farm produce:


Build your own exclusive brand for aggressive promotion


Elegant packaging that does not evoke a sense of buying ‘leftovers’ among consumers


Fresh produce screening and selection can reduce the deterioration of farm produce, thereby curbing price-cutting exercise to clear ‘damaged’ stock and cut losses


Stimulate buying desire with elegant packaging and a fresh look


Ready-packed serving size or weight can increase purchase volume


Prolonged freshness, more ideal for self-service


Reduce footprint on the shelf, keep the shelf and the environment clean, tidy and elegant


Make it more convenient for consumers to store farm produce


Facilitate inventory control by the seller


More hygienic storage of elegantly wrapped fresh produce